” Every beginner has a Start and every start has its Beginning”

Hello, My name is Shemika Banes: I’m a mother of two beautiful girls and I love Jesus! I have a Gift to write poems! I have a purpose to Inspire, Encourage and Build Confidence!

I help others by Inspiring them to start doing/creating/working, and to step out of their comfort zone.

  • Step away from “you’re not enough”
  • Step away from the opinion of other
  • Step away from negativity
  • Start make changes
  • Start a plan and work it
  • Read/Watch my positive words, poems, videos, etc.
  • To have hope and a dedicated work

I help others by Encouraging them to take the steps needed to move forward so they can “Become Better”.

  • To be Dedicated, Consistent and Persevere
  • Stepping into that new home, job, position,
  • Gain Understanding and Knowledge
  • Step in their gift/purpose/vision
  • Think positive
  • Take steps to begin a work toward purpose
  • Move out of your comfort zone

I help others by Building Confidence so they can develop, grow, and believe in themselves

  • They can do the work to “Become”
  • They can Accomplish and have Success
  • They will Believe in themselves and their gift/purpose/goal
  • By Compliment and Congratulate them
  • Encourage you to learn from that mistake and move forward
  • Encouraging and inspiring you to work hard, be committed, and move forward
  • When you trust me and the works, I’m doing to help you

  I’m here to Inspire, Encourage, and build Confidence in YOU!

I wholeheartedly believe that each of us has a Gift inside of us that was given by God, I believe it’s our duty to bring it out and work it. Yes, it will need work to perfect it and I Believe “YOU CAN”! I believe we have a Purpose in life—to help others and to serve our gifts! I believe that if we walk in our purpose, God will be pleased with us and help us. Our gifts are Valuable and will make room for us!

I Believe that “YOU CAN” Accomplish great things! I Believe that “YOU CAN” Grow into that Goal/Dream/Vision. I Believe that if “YOU” put in the Hard Work, Be Consistent, Believe in Yourself and that Goal/Dream/Vision, and Persevere: you can Achieve and have Success!

I Believe “YOU” are as Successful as you chose to be!

I am so “Thankful” for you: visiting my site(s), leaving a positive message, purchasing my products, referring a friend or family member, believing in me, subscribing to my channel(s), and following my website/blog.

Please allow me to help you! I am Dedicated and Determined to give you positivity and to Inspire, Encourage, and Build Confidence in you! I don’t have all the answers, but I have some answers that will be very helpful to you and ideas to help you grow and develop. I cannot make you accept help or what I have to offer but I can offer my inspiration, encouragement, and confidence.