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  • I will see my Vision by writing it on paper, Vision boards: cutting pictures out of a book, newspaper, or magazine, watch positive videos, read books, listen to positive recordings
  • I won’t wait until I see it before I start working towards it, I must step out on Faith, believe in it and my ability to do it, and begin the work
  • I don’t have to learn everything to get started because I will learn when I start
  • Someone needs the gift I hold inside of me
  • I have purpose and I must serve it to others
  • I Believe in Me
  • Jesus loves me and he
  • I will keep trying and succeed
  • I will walk into my purpose with a grateful heart
  • I am doing a great work
  • I am motivated and determined to win
  • I can do it, I work hard
  • I am a Winner
  • I am stepping out my comfort zone despite my fear, I will be successful
  • I will say until I see, looking everyday inside of me
  • I learn from my mistakes and do better
  • I am moving forward
  • I am Enough
  • I am willing and able
  • I hold the power to get it done