Shemika Banes


You are the Best You there is! Don’t worry about those trying to imitate you. You are Unique, Beautiful and Intelligent. You have a way of making others feel Special and Loved. You are the light that someone needs!

Head Up and Smile

There is Greatness in You

Create from the Vision you have

Stay Committed to the Hard Work

I Encourage you to give your vision–Life

Step out of your “Comfort Zone” and you’ll find “Better, More, and Success”.

Your dream has to find: Hard Work, Dedication, Consistency, Persistency, and Perseverance!

From a thought: You Pray, You Start, You Create, You Learn, You Do, You Build, You Work Hard, You Get Irritated, You Have Doubt, You Pray, You Keep Going-(some give up), You Commit To Working Harder, You Stay Consistent, You Stay Persistent, You Persevere through the opinions, the hate, the lack of support, the negativity in your own head, and You Find Success.

You Control how Successful you will be! Others can be against you but if God is for you and you’re doing what you should, You shall find a level of Success!