There’s so much going on

And a lot has been lost

I’m seeing an ugly tone

And my mind is being tossed

There’s a lot that I don’t understand

And a lot I don’t care about

There’s a lot going on with you as a man

And there’s a lot of anger you’re letting out

You’re being very rude and selfish

You’re wanting to do me harm

I promise if I had one wish

It would be for you to be kind and warm

You need to sit down and think

Before you do something you’ll regret

You need Jesus who seem to be your missing link

And why act like this and be so upset

Never thought the man I knew

Would act out in such a way

Never thought this man would be you

But I promise I’ll just pray

It’s like you’ve been cut up and ripped

Of all the good and things that are right

It’s like you’ve been pulled down and stripped

Of that man that walk in god’s sight


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