So Satisfied

Thank you lord for all you have done

For me and my family this far

Thank you lord for every battle that I’ve won

And thank you for being who you are

I won’t complain and I’m well satisfied

With each and every blessing that you’ve given

I won’t say things been easy and I haven’t wanted to hide

But my hope and positive thinking has kept me driven

I love you lord with all my heart

And I’m truly thankful for everything

I’m thankful that you have been with me from the start

And I appreciate all the blessings you bring

Thank you lord for loving and protecting me

And for every angel encamped around me

Thank you lord for every day you allow me to see

And thank you for your grace and mercy

I’m happy and all so satisfied

With my life and the joy it brings

I’m thankful and all so satisfied

For my spiritual blessings and every other thing


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