What happened to the man that had vision

For himself and his family

Was he stopped by a wrong decision

That didn’t want the vision to be

What happens when you like the mess you’re in

Do you lay there and be stuck

Do you try hard to bring it to an end

Or do you keep trying your luck

Your mess is surely hurting us

We’re drifting farther apart

In this mess I’ve lost my trust

And have a broken lonely heart

If you don’t want me just say

I don’t want you where you don’t want to be

If you don’t want me it’s okay

I’ll go on and keep loving me

You can’t keep holding on to wrong

And think it’s alright

You must decide to move on

Or your family will be out of sight

Why is this mess so great

Why do you have an ugly talk

This mess, my breath it takes

And it’s destroying your righteous walk

What happened to us and the dream

Did we give it away or was it taking

What happened to us this awesome team

Did we give up or are we still in the making

Can we get back what we gave away

Or is it a little too late

Can we get it back if we pray

And let god and fate

What happened to us my dear

Did we let it all slip away

What happened to us my  dear

Did we forget to include god and pray


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