Lonely Place

As I sit here bored and lonely

With no way to go

I keep trying to comfort me

But doing so, I just don’t know

I want to cry, cry and cry

I want to get up and move

I want to tell “lonely” bye

But my right now won’t approve

As I sit here in my lonely place

Bored, frustrated and so lonely

I can barely see the smile on my face

Because I need someone and not me only

Someone please come talk to me

I don’t have anything to do

I don’t want to be lonely you see

I want it to be me and you

In this lonely place I can’t stay

I have to think positive and believe

That things will change when I pray

And I will find peace and achieve

As I sit in my lonely place

With no one else, just me

I realize I must put a smile on my face

And realize that I am going to be happy


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