Sometimes life will throw many things your way

Things you don’t see coming, things you didn’t ask for

I’ve learned to take life day by day

Because you never know what it’ll bring to your door

This thing called life will make you bend

It will cause a lot of hurt and pain

This thing called life belongs to a world of sin

But you have to keep holding on and just maintain

Life has its moments to bring hurt

But then it has its moments of joy

Life has many things that it will insert

But you have to pray and try to enjoy

This thing called life is sometimes hard to grip

It has a way to make a demand

It will cause you to stumble and trip

This thing called life sometimes I don’t understand

Life, you have one and so do I

It’s full of good things and even pain and strife

Life, sometimes will make you cry

But even then, we have to live out our life


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