Its life

Not because I’ve done everything right

And not because I’ve done everything wrong

But just because life is a fight

And sometimes it will make you moan

I smile and keep my head up most of the time

I get hurt by others, talked about, and disrespected

I try hard to forgive others at the drop of a dime

But sometimes I hold unforgiveness and have to be corrected

I say “Amen” to the things I know is right or can relate to

Not because life has been so good to me

But because who would’ve knew

That life has many of things to see

Sometimes, I cry, and I laugh but I hold on and keep going

There’s times when I want to run away and hide

But I tell myself to move on because life will keep blowing

And I can’t run and hide because of my pride

 I think positive most of the time and that is that

And not because my mind or thoughts are always good

There are times I think negative but pray against that

Because praying is doing what I should

I can give in or up even run and hide

I can live and learn, do better and move on

I can keep moving with Jesus by my side

But whatever I choose; life will not postpone

written by; shemika banes


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