When everything around you seems so bleak and unclear.

When everything you need seems so far away.

When everything you think of seems so far and not near.

When everything is happening from day to day.

When you’re reaching but it doesn’t stretch that far.

When you’re being attacked because of who you are.

When some are telling you what you should do.

When others are saying to keep being you.

When you’re trying to understand all that’s happening.

When some are trying to hurt you as a human being.

When you’re trying your best to just stand.

When you realize everything isn’t for you to understand.

When you’re holding on with every strand of hope.

When you’re trying your hardest to stand and cope.

When everything seems so dark and grey.

When your sunshine is trying to have a say.

When you need a friend to call on.

When you want them to say, girl be strong.

When being strong isn’t working today.

When all you can do is kneel down and pray.

Written by: Shemika Banes

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