There is a difference between you and me

Sometimes it’s this, sometimes it’s that

Sometimes I stop to think

How do opposite attracts

Sometimes it makes me wonder

Should I stay or leave

Sometimes I want to put us asunder

But god says “To this man you must cleave”

Sometimes I feel as I can’t go on

I feel hurt and lonely

But god says to be strong

For this is just to strengthen me

I have to keep on going

That’s an absolute must

I must keep on growing

And in God put my trust

There are things you do

That I don’t like

There are things you say

That makes us fuss and fight

There are some good things

And there’s some bad

There’s always something

That makes us both sad

There’s a difference between us

That we both know

But whether we argue or fuss

Our love for each other must show


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