A Relationship

What if you were in a relationship and felt all alone? You felt like all the love is gone .A part of you want to leave. And a part wants to cleave. You want what once was, but things are such a fuzz. You want to be happy but that’s not the feeling. What if you want the once was? What if your relationship wasn’t so appealing?

What if you were in a relationship that had no trust? You’ve heard all the lies and felt every ache. What if being in a relationship was no longer a must? And you’ve had all you can take. You think about holding on but some major factors are gone. You try hard to stand and hold on. But everything seems so wrong. So you keep going telling self to cope. And truth is, you still have hope. What if the ones involved can’t get a grip? What will happen to this relationship?

Written by: Shemika Banes


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