Just Start

I encourage you to Start moving forward and working in that goal you have. Take the steps to get your goal accomplished and don’t allow comfort zone to hold you bound. I believe in YOU, I believe that you can get it done but YOU have to believe in YOU and your goals. You must believe that you can do it, accomplish it, and get the work done. There is no need to wait for someone else to validate you. Do your thang because it’s what’s right, it’s what you believe, it’s what you desire, and it will help others.

I will tell you that everybody won’t support you, help you, or believe in you but somebody will. There are people that you are to lead and help, they are assigned to you. Have you ever wondered that you might be the only positive, encouraging, inspiring, hopeful thing that someone may see. You are the light that someone needs. I encourage you to shine bright so they can take action to do, to be, and to become.

I leave my motivating quote below so you can start: helping others to move forward, come out of, walk in purpose, serve their gift, become better, and much more. Maybe you’re not able to be with them physically but your motivation, encouragement, and inspiration can speak loudly. You can make others feel like they can and that can lead them to take action.

Every beginner had to start from somewhere and that beginning was their start to growing and becoming better. You don’t decide how far they go or how much they do for that is up to each individual.

I encourage you to step into purpose, share your gift, help others, and believe that you can!


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