When will you

When most things you’ve done seems wrong

When all you’ve had, you no longer have

When your talk still have that ugly tone

When fear of losing everything is your nightmare

When is it that you’ll turn to right

Why do you insist on being so hard

Why won’t you stand up and fight

For the change that’ll keep you from the graveyard

Photo by Alexas Fotos on Pexels.com

Do you operate out of hurt and fear

Are you scared to try right and live

Do you not want God to be near

Are you willing to ask God to forgive

When will the boy lie down and die

So you can rise to a mighty man

When will you push hard, just try

When will you make the right stand

You say you want to be a better man

And you want to stop playing games

You have to start with a better plan

And maybe put wrong in flames

My friend, you’re handsome

Silly, smart and funny

Don’t hold yourself or your heart ransom

Let go of the dark things and set yourself free

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