Do you know that you were born with a Gift inside of you? It was given to you by God himself and if you bring it out : it will make room for you. Your gift is one of the things that makes you unique. Everyone has one but some may have more. Your gift is that thing you do with little to no effort. You are good at it and no-one has taught you how to do it, it just comes naturally. Have you seen yours yet?

Most of the time others have seen your gift, you have used it and they have seen it in you. Think about what you like doing or what is it that others have said you’re good at? Have anyone gave you a compliment saying you do this or that so good? What do you enjoy doing: writing, drawing, helping elders, etc. I’ve learned that you can make your gift better. There is not one that can take your gift from you. You can not use your gift and leave in laying dormant inside of you or you can share it with others.

What is your Gift and are you using it?


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