Sometimes we are hoping for things to be or work out in a certain way but doubt has a hold on us. Sometimes we wrestle with seeing the good in a situation and there’s another part of us that has doubt. It’s like we are torn between two feelings and we can’t shake the negative one loose. Most of the time we are positive and laughing but there are those sometime moments when we are full of doubt. I’ve found that doubt can come at any given moment when you’re looking forward to something. I think it comes to take your focus and mind away from the good. Don’t be ashamed of it because we all have it but what will we do with it? When i have doubt, I still do the good thing but reassure myself in prayer and in positive speaking. Yes, I speak positive words to myself and to my situation.

If you’re not careful, doubt can stop you from doing that which you want to. It can cause you to give up or sometimes it can cause one to not even start. We have to know that everything we do has its good, bad, doubt, ups, downs, etc. We have to choose for ourselves which thing we will listen to. We have to find what works for us in knocking down doubt or working through it. Don’t allow your doubt to stop you!


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