When you don’t Understand

There will be times in our loves when we don’ t understand why something happened or how it happened. There will be an itch in us that will want to figure it all out but we just can’t seem to understand it. I’ve found out that everything is not for us to know the “how and why”. Life will not always be kind to us and it surely won’t respect us. There are the people that will look down on you, think you’re not enough, and not approve of what you are doing. you will have to believe in yourself and the things that you are doing. If you hold a goal in mind, you better believe for yourself that you can get it accomplished.

There was a time when I was in love with this man. He was everything to me and I know he loved me but he began to act up. I thought we had it all together and we were a happy couple, but I guess he wasn’t feeling the same way. Our relationship began to go downhill because he started seeing this other girl. I found out by seeing a text message in his phone. I confronted him and he denied it, he say it was for his buddy. I asked, “Why would your buddy have someone texting your phone”? He say his buddy was drunk and using his phone. I could not understand why he was still lying and putting in buddy in his mess. It was all new to me, hurtful, and embarrassing. I kept moving forward, we broke up and I was left not understand “why”.


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