We all know what being scared feels like! It makes your heart beat fast and makes you nervous. I found that there’s different kinds of scared; maybe you’re scared of not obtaining something, maybe of an animal, maybe because something bad happened, etc. Each time you’re scared there’s a degree of that fear and there’s a feeling attached to that fear. I’ve been scared to the point that my hands shake and I breathe heavy. I’ve seen others scream and cry but no matter what reaction someone gives; being scared is a ugly feeling.

I want to talk about being scared of moving forward. There are so many people that don’t take a step forward because fear is holding them back. There are those that only think about moving forward but don’t have any actions to do it. There be so many thoughts robbing them of movement and keeping them stuck. I’ve found that some people believe they can but they don’t because they worry about pleasing others, they worry if others will approve or desire what they want to do. That’s sad because it’s like they’re saying “I know I can but I won’t because others opinions matter to me most”. We can not allow the opinions of others to stop us or define what we can or cannot do/become or accomplish.

Sometimes, we’re scared because we think we’re not good enough or our works are not good enough. Sometimes, we hold ourselves back with our negative thoughts. We beat ourselves up trying to compete with others and all we need to do is do what we’re able and capable of doing. We need to do our best, learn as we go, and make the right adjustments as needed. There is not a reason for us to compete because each of us has a certain gift to use and an amount of ability to do it.

I want to encourage you to step out of comfort zone and start working hard, being consistent, and creating. Let’s begin to build confidence, create plans, and set goals to accomplish great things. I Believe we can and I Believe we have what it takes to be successful!



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