There are so many different feelings we have each day! These feelings can destroy our mood, our day, and our decisions. When we wake up each day, there’s a feeling we hold and we choose to keep it or make adjustments. It’s not always easy to shake a feeling but it’s possible to be done. Our feelings are from a series of thoughts and emotions. Sometimes we will have to speak positive and encouragement to ourselves. We are responsible for our actions and feelings, but sometimes we have a hard time controlling them. I’ve learned that it makes things better for me when I pray as soon as I get out of bed. My day be much better and yes, some days I still have the things and people that aggravate me but I remind myself of something positive. I be giving those problems positive insight, I be trying to see the good in the situation, and I believe that it will get better. What do you do to handle your aggravation and your problems? Do you know that we all will go through tough times at some points in life but we can not allow those things to stop us. We must push through the problems, pray to God and believe for ourselves that things will get better. Our feelings can make us happy or sad, they can make us smile or cry. Our feelings can be changed in a moment or we can let our feelings stay in a certain way. Feelings are an emotion and they can rob you of your happiness and peace. So, try to control your feelings, try to have inner peace, and make the adjustment needed to get through a negative feeling you might have.


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