Feelings of Mines

Sometimes, I feel all empty inside

I feel bitter, angry and lost

Sometimes I feel as if I need to hide

I feel like a little child that’s being tossed and tossed

Sometimes I feel tired and very cold

Then again, I feel young and free

At times I think I’ve been left in the cold

Sometimes I feel it’s just me, me, and me.

Sometimes I feel like given up

Sometimes everyday

But god tells me

He will make a way

There’s so much going on in my mind

Sometimes I want to run

I have thoughts of every kind

And they’re stopping my fun

Sometimes I don’t feel like I have a friend around

I feel sad and grey you see

Sometimes I feel down

But Jesus said, “My child you have me”

Sometimes I feel like the sun don’t shine

I feel like I’ve been tore apart

I feel like victory isn’t mine

And I feel like I have a burning heart

Sometimes I feel very dreary

I feel as if I have nothing to gain

Sometimes I feel very weary

But my joy I must maintain

Sometimes I feel like I’m in a cage

I feel like there’s nothing to see

Sometimes I feel like I have a lot of rage

That’s being held inside of me

Sometimes I don’t feel loved

I feel tight and small

But I thank God above

For he cares most of all

Sometimes my mind, body and soul aches

And I don’t feel so great

Then Jesus says for heaven sakes

My child, bend but don’t break.


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