Value within a person is their worth in goods, services, or money. You hold value because of that thing that you do or have. You could your life, your gift or your possessions. You could have a certain value with one person and be of no value with the next. How you value yourself is very important and what you value shows up in your decisions. Your values helps you with growing and developing, they help you work hard towards something or not work at all.

Let’s say you wanted to be a Secretary, you would value that so much that you would begin doing a work towards becoming just that. You would read, study, watch videos, and do whatever you had to in order to get that accomplished.. There would be skills, operations, and performance required to get it done. When you value something you seek the needed skills, the knowledge, and the wisdom so you can develop into. As you’re learning you’re growing, developing and acquiring needed information. You don’t stop until you have achieved that thing. Every decision you make will reflect the thing you value or it will push you back from it. You must choose wisely and never stop learning or improving. There’s always room to grow, to get better, and to learn something new.

What is it that you Value? Do you Value yourself?

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