Process is the steps you take to get something done, for example to clean a kitchen you would take the steps to clean all dishes of food before putting in dishwasher or in the dishwater in the sink. You would have to had used some kind of detergent and water to get the dishes clean and you would need a dish rag or sponge to wipe the dishes clean. Depending on the dishwasher or dishwater, you would need clean water to rinse dishes off and a towel. Some people dry dishes off and put in cabinets, some let them air dry and leave in dishwasher until they need them and some let dishes dry in dish rack on countertop. There are many ways to complete a process so you choose which way is best for you

A Process is important because it shows you how to complete that thing you are working on doing. A process gives you steps to make something better and if done right, it leads to a successful outcome. When you follow a process correctly it can lead to growth but if done incorrectly, you can adjust it or change it to take an improved order of steps. Remember, it’s okay to find new ways to get a process completed.

You don’t have to follow others process of getting something done, you can have your own process. You could even follow part of someone else’s process and add to it. Process is a part of our everyday lives and can be adjusted as needed. Your process may not be like the next but your process is just as important. Don’t be afraid of your process, stand in it and go through it.

That goal that you are trying to establish, has a process and you need to word it until you see the results you want. Do not look at someone else process and think yours will be like theirs, just go through with your process and know in the end you will have a good outcome. Trust your process, Believe your process, Endure your process!


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