You found out I had a male friend

And you didn’t like it at all

You thought I was yours to the end

And that I wouldn’t move on and stand tall

You thought it was okay for you to mistreat me

But you finally realized I had moved on

You thought I wouldn’t wake up and see

That I could survive and be strong

You caused me a lot of hurt and pain

And all of it caused me to moan

I really moved on and you went insane

You thought I would sit and feel alone

You sent so many ugly texts and threats

That I began to get nervous and scared

You were happy when your needs were being met

But when I moved on you started showing that you cared

I’m not turning around or looking back

I’m living and moving on

I’m not worrying about what I might lack

I’m going to trust in God and be strong

You thought you could sneak around and have fun

You thought I would lose and you win

You lost me and now you’re full of emotions

You can have it all because my peace and happiness I have to defend

Written by: Shemika Banes

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