Been Molded Into…

Molded person: able to be changed or influenced, over a period of time you will develop in a particular way. When you are been molded you go through things and those things begin to shape you. You start thinking, feeling, and behaving differently and your character is changed from what use to be. Anytime someone is been molded it affects their character and you could be molded into good or bad. We have to be careful about what we do, where we go and who we hang around because our environment can easily mold us.

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Your character holds your traits, qualities and morals and these traits shows who you are as a person. The traits you hold also influences the choices you make. When we are young, our character is taught to us by our parents, teachers, and friends. As we grow older we still have those people teaching us but now we begin to shape our own lives: whether by our experiences, friends, family and others. Our character is taught by the way they teach us to behave, to feel or by our own behavior and feelings.

Have you ever asked God to mold you into who you are purposed to be? Yes, I know God has made you the best version of you and what he has made is good and very good. But have you stepped out of your comfort zone and into purpose? Do you know that there’s a greatness inside of you, a gift that God himself put there? You have to find out what your gift is and share it with others. Your gift has a purpose for your life and if you walk in purpose, you will find success. The gift you have is what makes you unique and once you find out how to serve it to others, you will began to be fulfilled. Yes, there may be others with the same gift as you but they can’t work your gift like you can. Each of us has to find that uniqueness in our gift and there is someone that needs our gifts. Now no one is perfect but we can perfect our gift and make it better.

If one doesn’t know what their gift is, they could ask God to show them or they could ask others what it is that they see in them. Most of the time, your gift is that thing that you love to do and you do it with no help from others. More than likely , someone has told you that they like something you do and if you think about it you’ll notice that you do it a lot and you are good at it.

Don’t be afraid to be molded into that which will help you to be better. Maybe you need to be molded into that writer, or maybe with courage, but whatever it is you have to want the change. Don’t rush it and don’t give up in the process of molding. Keep the faith, stay the course, be defined and be developed.


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