Encouraging Others

You should encourage others so they can hope and be reassured. When you encourage, you are supporting and uplifting another person. Everyone you come across is fighting with some kind of problem(s). Don’t be fooled because of a smile because sometimes it’s there to stop a cry. So if you encourage the person you meet, you might just be giving them hope to do that “something” that is needed in their life. When you encourage you you may help others, step out, step in, move forward, take the next step, etc. Encouraging others is very important and helpful! I always try to encourage others to do better, be better than they were the day before and keep moving forward. We all will have problems and situations that will come and hit us hard but we can’t give up or give in to those situations. There will be times in our lives that we have to make better choices and make the necessary changes. It doesn’t matter who we are, all of us will have troubles but they don’t have to stop us.

I want to encourage you to keep pressing through that situation, have hope that you can come out of it, believe that you can accomplish, keep moving forward, hold your head up and smile! Be Great, Be Bold, Take chances, and believe in You! When you’re hurting and going through that “something”, speak positive to it. If it push harder, you push harder: you pray and pray more, you cry if you need but keep going forward. If you need to calm your running mind, try things that will help you with that like praying and talking to God, call a friend or family member, read a book, listen to relaxing music, go for a walk, or do that something that helps you.

I remember my 5th grade teacher encouraging and inspiring me, I didn’t understand at the time but i learned this knowledge later on in life. She always pinched my cheeks and said “one day you are going to write a book and I’m gonna proofread and edit it for you”. I would just smile and not really think anything else of it. She would say “I look forward to reading and grading your work because I know it’s gonna be great and I know you will get an “A”. This lady saw in me what I didn’t and what I had no clue of because I was to young to know or understand it. She believed in me and my work.


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