Encouragement for your soul

Some of My Inspirations:

Four (4) steps to Achievement:

1. Plan Purposefully

2. Prepare Prayerfully

3. Proceed Positively

4. Pursue Persistently

  • Choice, Chance, Change

You must make the Choice to take the Chance if you want anything in life to Change

  • Good, Better, Best

Never let it rest. Till your Good is Better and Better is Best

  • If You Believe, You Can Achieve
  • To have the Impossible, You must Believe that it’s Possible
  • I cannot become what I need by remaining what I am
  • The hardest thing you will do in life is Change. The hardest thing to break in life is Habit
  • You cannot get the Promise if you don’t go through the Process
  • Don’t be afraid to Shine. There’s always someone who needs your light
  1. Motivated: determined and excited about what you are doing
  2. Focused: knowing what needs to be done and staying with it
  3. Determined: not giving up no matter what happens
  4. Committed: knowing what’s important to do and not changing your mind about it
  5. Perseverance: completing a task even when it becomes difficult, boring or discouraging

The Authors for the above content is unknown but this is great encouragement that has helped me.

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