In our lives each and every day

We are faced with problems

But we can’t let them get in our way

We have to keep going no matter what comes

We can walk around looking sad

Or walk around with a frown

We could walk around mad

And let the enemy know, he has us down

We can walk around big and bold

With a smile on our face

Or we can let God take control

And know that we have won the race

See, we all have pain

Some of us hold it inside

But we all have something to gain

When we let go of our selfish pride

You see, we (ourselves) determine

How we will handle it all

We make the choices

Whether big or small

All of us must learn

To stop and pray

We must give god our concern

Each and every day

So from this day on

Let me and you

Continue to be strong

And let’s start each day anew

Written by: Shemika Banes


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